Cisco ISE REST API & Python

I've been faced with a fun little challenge on how to make sure our ISE deployment has every NAD (Network Access Device) configured appropriately to allow for successful EAP communications. Originally I was planning on utilizing a CSV and the bulk import tool to regularly import new devices into ISE as they were built. This allows … Continue reading Cisco ISE REST API & Python


F5 AAA (local roles) with Cisco ACS 5.x

I've spent the last few days putting together a how-to on setting up F5 BIG-IP to utilize Cisco ACS TACACS+ for user authentication. While there are guides online I couldn't find one that shows the configuration of both systems so I figured it could be helpful to others.The guide covers how to setup both Cisco … Continue reading F5 AAA (local roles) with Cisco ACS 5.x