Uploading CCIE lab configurations & using config replace to save time

This post will contain two major parts; Getting configurations onto Cisco IOS switches via TFTP, and utilizing config replace to replace configurations quickly for different labs. The first part, loading configuration files via TFTP, is really only needed on devices that don't have USB ports such as the 3650 platform. The first step is to … Continue reading Uploading CCIE lab configurations & using config replace to save time



As I continue on my quest for the perfect lab I have been messing around with EVE-NG (a competitor to GNS3 and VIRL). One thing I really like about EVE-NG is the ability to use a web client instead of needing a thick client like you do for GNS3 and VIRL. A draw back I've … Continue reading EVE-NG Default IDLE PC

802.1x VLAN User Distribution (VLAN Group)

In this blog post, I will be going over 802.1x VLAN User Distribution (sometimes referred to as "VLAN Groups") in Cisco IOS and a use case scenario that involves Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine). First, some background around VLAN Groups. Based on my research it seems there are two major types of VLAN Groups: The … Continue reading 802.1x VLAN User Distribution (VLAN Group)

Remote Lab Access and Control

A requirement I've quickly come to realize with building my lab is remote access into lab my equipment. This requirement is two fold, I don't feel like always sitting in my basement to build topologies and I'm not always home when I will be studying. This need naturally led me to acquiring a terminal server, … Continue reading Remote Lab Access and Control

Cisco ISE REST API & Python

I've been faced with a fun little challenge on how to make sure our ISE deployment has every NAD (Network Access Device) configured appropriately to allow for successful EAP communications. Originally I was planning on utilizing a CSV and the bulk import tool to regularly import new devices into ISE as they were built. This allows … Continue reading Cisco ISE REST API & Python

IKEv2 with RSA Signatures

Currently my studies have taken me on an adventure into the wonderful world of Cisco Security. I am studying for the 300-209 (SIMOS) certification exam which is VPN technologies including DMVPN, FlexVPN, and a few other flavors of VPN.I find it interesting that so many try very hard to avoid having to implement security because its … Continue reading IKEv2 with RSA Signatures