Passed the 640-722!

I sat for the CCNA Wireless exam (640-722) last week and passed!

I utilized the Official Certification Guide, and CBR Nuggets.

I had also purchased a 2504, prior to getting the OCG and finding out that the exam is based around 7.0 code and not the 7.3+ code I had assumed it would be on (hence the need for a newer WLC).

Getting into studying for the exam and taking it, I must say I am a little disappointed on the material covered from a code standpoint. The exam was recently refreshed (used to be 640-721) and they still went with using old code (7.0 and WCS). While I appreciate this from a standpoint of buying practice gear (a 4400 WLC, or the NME-WLC would have been fine as it can run up to 7.2 code) I feel that the exam is dated… While there is not too much of a difference between 7.0 and 7.6 (the current version) there are still a lot of features that were missed (CleanAir for example) on top of completely ignoring Cisco Prime Infrastructure (the replacement for WCS).

Other than the age shown by the code base used, most of the exam was still relevant.

Next up will be the second exam for the CCNA DataCenter (640-916)!


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